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Mapopolis to GPX

When I'm in the USA I use the Mapopolis software for route finding when driving and also when geocaching. Mapopolis has the ability to log your route to a file, but it's in a plain text format and nothing seemed to be available to convert it.

I wrote a short bit of perl that will take the mapopolis log file and convert it to gpx, so you can load it straight into Google Earth for example and view where you travelled.

Download mapopolis2gpx.pl (July 2006)

Make sure you enabled logging in mapopolis. When you're ready, goto the GPS screen and view the logs. Select the complete format and save it to a file. The file will look something like this:

5/29/06  11:48:14 pm N36.13.025 W86.41.771 . 0 mph Alt: 449 ft Mcgavock Pike at Opryland Dr
5/29/06  11:48:19 pm N36.13.022 W86.41.766 . 0 mph Alt: 423 ft Mcgavock Pike at Opryland Dr
5/29/06  11:48:26 pm N36.13.022 W86.41.771 W 12 mph Alt: 410 ft Mcgavock Pike at Opryland Dr
Use the perl script and it will generate a GPX file ready for loading straight into your favourite mapping application.

Created: 25 Jun 2006