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Modobj is a linkable C-Pascal-ASM .OBJ file for loading and playing MOD files through a variety of devices and soundcards. It's free to use in your public domain programs and comes with sample source and programming details.

ModObj has been used in over ten commercial games and numerous freeware and shareware titles. A company recently distributed ModObj in their game and refuse to acknowledge it.

Download ModObj v0.06 (32k)

Other authors: If you are dealing with Visionaries Ltd. or their parent company, International Computer Entertainment Ltd. please contact me for more details.

From April 1996, Internet users can download a fully registered version of ModObj for free. Please read the file README.1ST that comes with the distribution. Please do not make this file available anywhere else; just tell people the URL.

Download ModObj Registered (28k)

Created: 01 Apr 1996