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Weird Wood II (Oct 2020)

The adventure game Wierd Wood II...

Mapopolis to GPX (Jun 2006)

When I'm in the USA I use the Mapopolis software for route finding when driving and also when geocaching...

One Time Passwords (Jan 2004)

I use one-time passwords to log into some services (one time passwords are great if you don't trust the machine you're logging into because capturing keystrokes won't help an attacker get back in)...

Modobj (Apr 1996)

Modobj is a linkable C-Pascal-ASM .OBJ file for loading and playing MOD files through a variety of devices and soundcards. It's free to use in your public domain programs and comes with sample source and programming details.

Programming the Disney Sound Source (Feb 1995)

The Disney sound source is very similar to a standard DAC on a parallel port but it requires extra programming effort to send DAC bytes to...

Conn4 (Jan 1993)

Conn4 was a simple connect-4 like game designed to demonstate multiplayer gaming for Winsock (Windows 3.1 TCP/IP API) written with Paul Sutton in 1993. We even had reports of it working inside WABI, and when I visited Microsoft people there remembered it

ModEdit (Sep 1992)

Modedit is a mod file editor written by Norman Lin. Modedit uses Mark's sound routines for playback of the mod files. Early versions used the Resident ModRes program and newer versions used ModObj.

Modres (Sep 1992)

Modres was written for the initial versions of Modedit allowed playing of mod files from your own programs. Has found its way into lots of demos, freeware, shareware and commercial programs.

Modplay (Aug 1992)

Module player, 1991-1992

Modplay was the first Protracker Module player that supported the PC speaker and soundcards other than the SoundBlaster.

Resplay (Jan 1992)

Resplay is a memory resident program that will play samples from C, Pascal, ASM programs to the PC speaker or to a parallel port DAC device

Play (Apr 1991)

Sound playback and editing, 1990-1991

Play is a simple editor and sampler for Speakers and DAC's with an easy-to-use Graphical Interface.

Fitspress (Jan 1990)

Wavelet compression of FIT format astronomical images...